Zombillenium #5-6: Black Friday / Sabbath Grand Derby

dc.contributor.authorEdward Joseph Johnson
dc.contributor.authorArthur de Pins
dc.description.abstractThe day after "Black Friday" at Zombillenium, the employees have carte blanche to devour the visitors, encouraged by management who intends to profit from these gains in new souls. To thwart Charlotte and Aurelian’ s sinister plans with her resistance network, Gretchen must first settle accounts with her past.. And in the last culminating episode, The Zombillenium amusement park, which still keeps dozens of visitors prisoner, is coveted by many demons, each eager to become a majority shareholder. The only method of arbitration accepted by all: the Sabbath Grand Derby, a sporting event as violent as it is inventive in which five witches compete against each other and will be fed to visitors to the park... Among the candidates, a certain Gretchen, determined to play her best... The spectators of the Sabbath Grand Derby, broadcast like an ordinary reality TV program, will get an eyeful! As for Gretchen, she‘ s facing a handful! The most spectacular of the Zombillenium volumes awaits you, for an apotheosis of a finale. This series won the Angouleme Best Comics for Youth Prize in 2012. A bestselling series in France with over a quarter million copies sold.
dc.titleZombillenium #5-6: Black Friday / Sabbath Grand Derby
dc.typeTranslation or Transcription
dcterms.bibliographicCitationNBM Publishing 45418, 96, (December 12, 2024)