Cat & Cat #2: Cat Out of Water

dc.contributor.authorEdward Joseph Johnson
dc.contributor.authorChristophe Cazenove
dc.contributor.authorYrgane Ramon
dc.contributor.authorHervé Richez
dc.description.abstractThe adventures of Catherine and her cat, Sushi, continue in more comic escapades. To get away from it all, and get some rest and relaxation, Cat, her cat, and her dad visit the great outdoors. Being a single parent is never easy, and having a daughter such as Cat, not to mention a cat that’s also very much a part of the family, may be too much for her dad to handle no matter how much they all may love each other! Rough waters are ahead for the family of three, especially after Dad drops the bombshell: they’re moving! And we all know how much cats love water…!
dc.titleCat & Cat #2: Cat Out of Water
dc.typeTranslation or Transcription
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPapercutz 2, 96, (July 8, 2020)