The Smurfs #8: The Smurf Apprentice

dc.contributor.authorEdward Joseph Johnson
dc.contributor.authorYann Delporte
dc.description.abstractA smurf wants to emulate Papa Smurf, and decides the best way to do so would be to practice magic. So, the smurf sneaks into Gargamel’s lab and steals instructions for a magic potion. The smurf foolishly drinks the potion and is turned into a monstrous lizard that all of the smurfs fear. Can Papa Smurf create an antidote? Or will the Smurfs be seeing green for the rest of their lives? Also featuring the stories “Smurftraps” and “Halloween.”
dc.titleThe Smurfs #8: The Smurf Apprentice
dc.typeTranslation or Transcription
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPapercutz 8, 56, (October 25, 2011)