Ernest & Rebecca #1: My Best Friend is a Germ

dc.contributor.authorEdward Joseph Johnson
dc.contributor.authorGuillaume Bianco
dc.contributor.authorAntonello Dalena
dc.description.abstractRebecca is a six and a half year-old girl who is out of luck ñ her parents are on the verge of divorce and she is always getting sick due to a weak immune system. One rainy day Rebeccaís luck changes when she meets a magical microbe named Ernest, who becomes her best friend! Ernest is no regular germóheís about the same height as Rebecca and he can talk. Can Rebecca keep her parents together with the help of her new friend? And can anyone really have a friend who belongs in a Petri dish?
dc.titleErnest & Rebecca #1: My Best Friend is a Germ
dc.typeTranslation or Transcription
dcterms.bibliographicCitationPapercutz 1, 48, (December 6, 2011)