Friction Modeling and Analysis of Injection Process in Squeeze Casting

dc.contributor.authorDongdong You
dc.contributor.authorXiang Wang
dc.contributor.authorXueyu Cheng
dc.contributor.authorXiaomo Jiang
dc.description.abstractAn analytic model is presented for quantitatively investigating the impact of friction between the punchand the shot sleeve on dynamic match status during the injection process of squeeze casting, with theultimate purpose of optimizing machine design and controlling injection process more accurately. Bycombining lubrication model and friction experiment, the friction characteristics between the punchand the shot sleeve are investigated in four cases of different clearance values. The lubrication model isvalidated by comparing the calculated and experimental values of the friction coefficient. The frictionmodel of injection process is then established by means of updating incremental boundary conditionsiteratively. The temperature and deformation data are collected from laboratory testing and used to com-pare with the simulation data obtained from both the general model and the proposed friction model. Thesimulation data from the friction model is approximately in agreement with the experimental data, betterthan the general model, implying that the proposed analytics model provides more accurate simulationof the friction coefficients.
dc.titleFriction Modeling and Analysis of Injection Process in Squeeze Casting
dc.typeJournal Article, Academic Journal
dcterms.bibliographicCitationElsevier 239, 42–51, (January 2017)