Diversity in Health Care: A Case of Diversity in Long-Term Care

dc.contributor.authorRonald Fuqua
dc.contributor.authorThomas McIlwain
dc.contributor.authorKendolyn Smith
dc.contributor.authorLatrina Walden
dc.description.abstractAchieving diversity is a necessity in any organization but is especially important in long-term care. The care delivered is to a diverse group of patients and their families. Therefore, this case allows the analysis of diversity in one long-term care company. While Federal EEO requirements include a report of diversity annually for employers and contractors, this is a further analysis of the diversity data used for reporting. Looking into frequency and distributive statistics allows a better understanding of the diversity of this company.
dc.titleDiversity in Health Care: A Case of Diversity in Long-Term Care
dc.typeJournal Article, Academic Journal
dcterms.bibliographicCitationArchives of Business Research 7(2), 33-44, (February 25, 2019)