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Held Friday, April 29th, 2022


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    Column Chromatography and GC-MS Analysis of Ghanaian Home Remedies
    (Department of Chemistry & Physics, Clayton State University, 2022-04) Shahbazi-Asl, Arya; Parker, Cass;
    This research project is a continuation from the previous semester where Ghanaian home remedies were analyzed to see what compounds are in them that contribute to their healing capabilities. The specific unknown that was further analyzed is the sample that describes curing manpower and low sperm count. Column chromatography and GC-MS were used for this process, which gave favorable results such as D-Allose, Acetaminophen derivatives, and Palmitic acid. All of these compounds have some form of identifiable healing property which is likely to appear as this is a home remedy. Further analysis of the spectra and tweaking of the procedure will need to be done due to time constraints.